PostgreSQL 8.2.3 Update Now available

With the quick release of 8.2.2 and 8.2.3, we are skipping 8.2.2 altogether.  Hoepfully in the future, we will be able to better track with the current PostgreSQL releases as this weekend was spent reworking, testing, reworking some more and isolating the build environment. 

There are now two Mac Mini's sitting side by side:  miniBuildPPC and miniBuildx86.  miniBuildPPC is a 10.3.9 box configured to build PostgreSQL for distribution on the PPC, and miniBuildx86 handles the 10.4.8 Intel builds. Because the x86 is that much faster, it also handles the 'assembly' phase of the build process.  This phase is used to merge the two build trees into a single universal tree using 'lipo'.  The resulting product is then bundled into the .pkg installers and the DMG is created.  With all of this completed, it is now possible to build the entire package in about 35 minutes instead of the 3-4 hours it took before. 

Unfortunately, uploads to SourceForge still take forever, so while that updates, I have time to update the various PostgreSQL related websites, this one, my blog, and the Druware links.