PostgreSQL 8.4

With the official release of 8.4 around the corner, we have been testing 8.4 internally and things are looking really good.  It is amazing how each revision keeps adding incremental changes and improvements.  For us this is going to be an interesting release to see how things go.  If the trend with the downloads continues down, we will make a decision as to keeping this one going, but for the moment we will stay the course.  

I suspect that the 8.4 builds will be the end of our PowerPC support though.  We are down to a single PowerPC left in the offices, and will not have anything to test on when it is retired in January.  It is possible that we'll move one of the old Mini cluster machines to a developer desk to keep a build machine.  Tentatively the plan is to have a PowerPC/i386 build that is 10.4.9 and an x86_64 build that is 10.5+.  

We are expecting PostgreSQL itself to move to release status in the next 2 weeks and we hope to follow that fairly quickly.

The Future?

Like many other people in the US, the current economic issues have made me tighten my belt.  That has had a major impact upon my free time.  It is in places like this that the impact is most notable.  If you have been monitoring SVN commits, you will have noticed that there has been no activity in a couple of weeks.  Unfortunately, this trend will continue for at least 2 more weeks.  

The reason is that I have had to trim some staff in the office, and that means taking up some of that slack personally.  When that happens, projects that don't generate revenue tend to slide.  

What does this really mean to you, the user?  not much really.  We should have an 8.4 release within a few days of the official release, and there will continue to be some forward progress on the other tools.  The exception to the above statement is the Preference Pane.  That has been seeing a bunch of experimentation behind the scenes.  I am not entirely sure where it is going at this point. The short version is that after a bunch of ideas and experiments, we are looking at making it something that can be used with most PostgreSQL installations, not just ours.  The base work is largely done, but there remains a lot of fine tuning, and that takes time.